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Welcome to ParadiseToyandMiniAussies!  We are located near Lafayette, La, in the southern central part of the state.


My deep love for the Australian Shepard breed started in the early 1980s.  I was very much involved in competing in Rodeos and Horse Shows, and the Aussie went hand-in-hand with the western way of life.

I became actively involved in showing and breeding this beautiful breed in ASCA and AKC events.  Being a professional breeder changes a person's mindset to do much research and only breed to better the breed.  I was previously involved with standard-size Aussies, and my dedication to strive for the best has remained within me.

I haven't shown dogs for many years and have not bred them for the past six years.  The spark has reignited, but I am intrigued by the toy and mini size this time.  

It is my desire to produce great family pets, with the same look as the standards, in a smaller package, always striving for a level of quality suitable for show and breeding prospects. This breed is a very loyal, intelligent, and affectionate breed.

My goal is to produce  Toy Aussies, which stand between 10 and 14 " tall when fully grown and normally weigh 12 and 17 pounds.  Occasionally, I may have a few that will mature slightly above these limits to a small mini size.

Much time and research have been devoted to purchasing the best puppies and older dogs to become my foundation dogs. Diligent care has been focused on the breeders I have worked with to achieve my initial goals.

Genetic testing is very important to me and will always guide my program.

Hopefully, my puppies can bring you as much joy as my little lovebugs bring me.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  I am looking forward to including you in my Aussie family.

Jayne Esparza



Paradise Toy and Mini Aussies

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